winter 2023
in paris i hosted my second dinner.
a korean dinner in gratitude of the orange that my friend julien kudic gave me for the cold winters of paris no one had warned me about...

︎︎︎ invitation cards

The menu

︎︎︎ the puffer jacket from north face

campaign concept ︎︎︎

first course: strike

prepping meat for kimchi jjigae

main course: love

rice cooked in beetroot water

dessert: network

mimiking ash tray and cigarette

summer 2022

In berlin i hosted my first dinner ever.
a korean dinner, to describe my experiences in berlin, through food

experimenting and having fun with food.
i would love to futher explore the potencial of food as a medium.



wanted to weave vegetables to make jeon, korean pacakes to achieve alternative forms.


the dinner guests

subak hwache, korean summer dessert consisting of fruits.