with otto bridgeham, carla figueras, anna gayete, ana ramos

We live in a city where air pollution is a real problem that has actual negative effects on health and people's lives in general but that are usually overlooked. We work hand in hand with a non-partisan neighborhood platform called Eixample Respira that shares a great concern about the poor quality of the air we breathe daily. 

We created a proposition based on comprehensive data for the citizens to understand the problem by provoking a sensitive response on the viewer by making the invisible visible.

The air we breathe is trash. In the most obvious and basic manner we literally use this statement to ironically bag the air that surrounds us and that we ultimately breathe. We wish to publicly visualize this invisible issue by trapping unhealthy air and symbolically linking the product of this action to conventional rubbish, creating a sense of familiarity and ultimately irony when the viewer understands the significance of the piece.

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