with anna gayete, eva soler

Technology has been accelerating exponentially and will continue to do so in astonishing velocities. We have come to a point where this progress is transforming us as species, posing questions about the frontier between the machine and the human.

“emmortal” is a project with the objective of offering new perspectives of future techno-human dystopias. We investigated the social perception and its moral limits when imagining a transhumanist future (a possible consequence of technological singularity). This was done through the use of propagating a false product called Emmortal in which offered the public the possibility of immortality, and other by products of what it means to become transhuman.

design process
1. research on topic (academic papers, interview, surveys)
2. creation of fake product (emmortal)
3. propagation of hoax (reddit, instagram, twitter & physical)
4. collection of results
5. infographic design of results

manifesto of the project

a first approximation: historical-conceptual

objectives of the investigation 

︎︎︎ creation of brand identity of emmortal, using apple’s aesthetic as a meta-ironic language

emmoratal product campaign, mocking apple :)

︎︎︎ putting the posters all over the city

︎︎︎ some memes we spread over the internet :d

︎︎︎ fake news spread over the internet

︎︎︎ comments on reddit 

︎︎︎ Infograph design of the results

︎︎︎ web traffic infograph

︎︎︎ infograph on transhumanism

︎︎︎ general conclusions