on nature and artificial

on september 2022, i went for a 850km trail walk along the north of spain.
from saint jean pie du port (france), till santiago de la compostela (galicia)

︎︎︎ machinaries coexisted with nature that i observed

︎︎︎ illustrations created on the basis of the picture of the machines taken

captions, from the conversation:
Slavoj Žižek & Yuval Noah Harari | Should We Trust Nature More than Ourselves?

1. There is this seeming binary division between what is natural and artificial.

2. Whatever is possible is by definition also natural. A truly unnatural behavior, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist. Everything agricultural, technological, industrial on this meaning is completely natural.

3. Socially, there of notions of what is good and evil within what is natural and artificial. Organic farm grown carrots are glorified and genetically modified ones are demonified. However, malaria is “natural”, but malaria vaccines are “artificial”. What we perceive as natural is always part of a cultural process.

4. We get mixed up between morality and nature. In political debates, arguments on the topic of nature is based on mythological stories. When people say we should do x because x is natural it's almost always a cultural, political or mythological argument. It's not really an argument about nature.

︎︎︎ reflections and questions