Sonic the hedgehog

This project is an interpretation of the game sonic the hedgehog. The game is introduced to the public of ELISAVA in disguise of a fun, Sonic themed event where they will be baited with a false academic prize and will be faced with ten academic, sonic themed challenges in order to achieve it.

Through this interaction, we draw parallelism to the accelerated society inside and outside the cosmos of ELISAVA and thereby criticize the capitalistic society which is based on the neverending production and consumption, foremost prioritising efficiency and productivity, distorting our perception of time and confirming Karl Marx’s theory alienation.

The current capitalistic society established on the basis of the neverending production and consumption, we have glorified and foremost prioritised productivity and efficiency. The tech industr

y has in parallel shown  exponential growth as a result perhaps unconsciously but surely forming an extremely techno-optimistic society. In this performance: Deus est Máchina, we would like to open a discussion about the relationship between machine, human and the industry, questioning the individual's; a collective member of the society; the criteria that we form when it comes to critically opinionating about a new technological advancement.