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Emmortal is a project with the objective of offering new perspectives of future techno-human dystopias. 
We investigated the social perception and its moral limits when imagining a transhumanist future (a possible consequence of technological singularity). This was done through the use of propagating a false product called emmortal in which offered the public the possibility of immortality, and other by products of what it means to become transhuman.
*Transhumanism: the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.*

Multidisciplinary design
With Anna Gayete, Eva Soler

The digital world, although Gen-Z’s consider it innate and ubiquitous, has not been a part of our world for that long. In fact, smartphones started going public in early 2000. Really, the digital culture we are living in today is only 20 years old. However, its speed of growth has been something we have never witnessed before in human history. A small push in technology that has reached a point that is changing the way modern society is made, and will continue to shape our society dramatically. 

Raymond Kurtzweil famously talks about Singularity, a point in which human intellectual capacity and artificial intelligence will come to a meeting point. This would be an irreversible event not only in human history, but in human evolution. Supercomputers will produce a superior intelligence, which our species will not be able to control.

The transhumanist movement has aroused great interest in recent decades as a result of its controversial ideology of which no one remains indifferent. One of its main dogmas defends the improvement of the human condition (also referring to the eradication of death) through the most advanced technologies. This improvement and empowerment of the human species does not represent an unrealisable dream or a utopia, but perhaps a plausible reality.


The project focuses on investigating the concept of transhumanism from a dual perspective. 
Firstly, the movement's own definition, but also society's understanding of this term.

An attempt is made to understand the perspective of current society regarding the exponential evolution of technologies and their consequences and respectively understand if there is any basic awareness regarding transhumanism and how it could develop in the future. 

Ultimately, the project visually represents the information collected from first hand sources to be visually understood and presented publicly with the purpose of informing society about this possible future reality.

The reader is invited to reflect ethically on the transhumanist ideology, and its practical applications.


The intention of the fieldwork was based on reaching out to society in order to understand their point of view regarding the futuristic context of transhumanism. 

The process for obtaining information about the user was proposed in a format different from surveys, interviews and other research configurations. 

For this purpose, a research process was devised through the vitalisation of a fake product that promoted the transhumanist movement. Making itself understood as a mediator between the users of the present and the transhumanist technologies of the future. From there, the information obtained from each user would be obtained through the response that this advertising campaign would have. The more people were informed about the subject, the more feedback was obtained about the idea that society has about transhumanism. 


While finding academic articles on transhumanism, we came across works by professor and philosopher Dr. Robert Doede. Questions were asked on mis two most recent papers: "A Dead Metaphor and Reproductive Organs: Timely Reflections on Technology and Human Agency" and "A Cyborgian Christianity? Transhumanism and the Tacit Dimension ". 

Through this interview we were able to acknowledge that our research method targets specific people of specific backgrounds with a certain economic status and geological locations. The platforms we use to disseminate information about E-mmortal may be limited only to people who have Internet and access to these websites. 

We did not consider the population that would not have access to our viralization and therefore cannot conclude that our results are a generic representation of how society positions itself on transhumanism.


To reach a wide range of public, in addition to creating a branding (website, instagram, twitter, facebook), content such as fakenews and memes were created to later disseminate them on different platforms. This material was distributed from the voice of a third party, that is, not from the voice of this transhumanist company E-mmortal, but as if it were a user outside the company itself.
Simultaneously, comments were created for various internet platforms, spammed to provoke and create discussion.
Attached to all content uploaded was a link to the E-mmortal website containing a survey disguised in a contest format with the ultimate goal of gathering more specific data and opinions.


A copy of Apple’s visual identity was carried out to create associations and thus make this product more believeable. The elegance and formality of apple brand was internalised by E-mmortal and its aesthetic ended up being based on the same typography of Apple: San Francisco with the same colour palette: white, black and gray. This was done to achieve a tone that conveys seriousness and accessibility at the same time, in order to connect more with the user.  

Touch points

Various communication strategies were carried out to diversity subject touch points. 

1. Public spaces
Dissemination that was carried out in the physical space at the center of Barcelona, bus stops and meeting points. The intention was not only to create dialogue though the virtual space, but also to spread the campaign through the external public with the creation of physical posters.

2. Fake news
There is an enormous amount of information, but the time and attention span of each user is limited. We started by researching the most recognized and reliable news portals that tend to deal a lot with the newest technologies. 

3. Memes
As much as fake news, memes are symbolic to internet culture. However it is understood that memes use a very different language to fake news. 


These were then posted and shared to various communication platforms such as twitter, facebook, reddit, whatsapp initiating discussions on transhumanism. 

Undoubtedly, different considerations and ethical dilemmas arose in the approach to the project that limited the scope of the work. Not only was death a taboo concept for Western society, but also all interaction with users was based on a fallacy: E-mmortal, a non-existent device. 

Taking this into consideration, it was important that the risks to research participants should be minimal by later informing individuals that this was a research project. Precautions were made to specify the refusal to sell the product under suicidal conditions. On the other hand we consider that the potential individual benefits and societal knowledge gained from the project's insights outweigh the ethical risks involved.


The total collection of the sample has had a participation of 472 entries distributed as follows:
70.7% as techno-ptimists and the remaining 29.3% as nihilistic of transhumanism and frenetic technological advances.

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